Campsites in Drôme Provençale

Camping le Garrigon Campsite, mobil homes
Calm and relaxation for your vacation. Located near a beautiful Provençal village between Grignan, Dieulefit and Vaison-la-Romaine, our campsite, new and well equipped, offers, in addition to sites for tents, motorhomes and caravans, …
84600 Grillon,
| Capacity: 90 pitch | Prices: 14 € > 124 €

Les Rives de l'Aygues Campsite, chalets, mobil homes
Amongst the vineyards of the famous Côtes-du Rhône, the campsite "Les Rives de l'Aygues" offers its shaded places, cottages and caravans rental...
26790 Tulette, 15 km from Bollène
| Capacity: 100 pitch | Prices: 18 € > 820 €
camping drome provencale
Camping les Truffières Campsite, Vacation rentals, Catering
On the lavander road the “Truffières” are offering you the Provence perfume and it’s authentic and cordial Art of Life. There are also the pleasures of calm family holidays...
26230 Grignan,
| Capacity: 93 pitch | Prices: 17 € > 760 €

Domaine Provençal Campsite, roulottes, yourtes, chalets
Campsite le Domaine des Grands Prés is situated right in the middle of the Drome Provencale at the touristy little town of Dieulefit. This town has a reputation for arts and crafts, its sunny clime and warm welcome.
26220 Dieulefit,
| Capacity: 75 pitch
camping drome provencale
Camping Le Matin Calme Campsite, Vacation rentals chalets
In Vesc, near Dieulefit, "Le Matin Calme" campsite receives you in a wooden and greenish ambiancy. You’ll find there a family and quiet atmosphere. Air you can breathe here is well-known to be one the purest in France.
26220 Vesc, 10 km from Dieulefit
| Capacity: 25 pitch | Prices: 15 € > 665 €
camping drome provencale
Domaine de l’Ecluse Campsite, Vacation rentals
Set in the midst of the countryside, it is in the heart of an agricultural property of 80 acres on the commune of Bénivay-Ollon and Propiac-les-Bains.You can pick and tast the season's fruits (cherries,...)
26170 Bénivay-Ollon, 8 km from Buis
| Capacity: 91 pitch | Prices: 22 € > 1085 €
camping drome provencale
Les Ephélides Campsite, chalets, mobil-homes, roulotte
Christine Puech and her daughter Julie invite you to stay in their ‘village’ campsite, a haven of peace for nature-lovers looking for the simpler pleasures in life (reading, music, board games, warm exchanges around shared meals, …
26170 Buis-les-Baronnies,
| Capacity: 38 pitch | Prices: 18 € > 720 €
camping drome provencale
Les Castors Campsite, Vacation rentals, yourtes
In the heart of a setting of green, the Castors offers a superb location in the midst of preserved nature. You will enjoy the warm climate, will fall under the charm of a true symphony of colours and scents, …
26170 Pierrelongue, 4 km from Buis-les-Baronnies
| Capacity: 50 pitch | Prices: 14 € > 650 €
camping drome provencale
Camping L'Or Vert Campsite, chalets, mobil homes
The "Or Vert" is in "Drôme Provençale" at 2 km from Nyons in the country of the lavender and olive trees and situated on the bank of the river "Eygues".
26110 Nyons,
| Capacity: 80 pitch | Prices: 16 € > 815 €
camping drome provencale
Domaine du Sagittaire Campsite, Vacation rentals, Catering 5 étoiles
LE SAGITTAIRE, 2 km from the wine village Vinsobres and 6 km from Nyons, which is well known for its olives and its microclimate. Blue lavender fields, vineyards, cherry, apricot and olive...
26110 Nyons,
| Capacity: 270 pitch | Prices: 28 € > 1701 €
camping drome provencale
Camping le Pilat Campsite, Vacation rentals, Catering
Located in the Drôme Provençale, in the midst of nature, surrounded by lavender fields. You will find here a family type atmosphere, in which you can rest, relax, meet new people and discover the beautiful surrounding area.
26110 Saint-Ferréol-Trente-Pas, 14 km from Nyons
| Prices: 12 € > 830 €